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Eliot, and parts of Kittery & South Berwick

The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more

-Jonas Salk

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“Healthy communities start with a people- centered approach to government .  The skills developed and refined over the course of my Nursing career- critical thinking, active listening, collaboration & compassion- provide a solid foundation for public service.  As a legislator, my focus has and will continue to be on the environmental health and economic vibrance of our state and the promotion of policy aimed at security, opportunity, and wellness for each and every Mainer. 

My work in Augusta is centered on enhancing the quality of life for our children to our seniors with priorities that include access to quality, affordable healthcare, evidence-based solutions to the opioid and vaping epidemics, building our workforce, affordable housing, a secure retirement for seniors, & protection of our natural resources. 


We’ve made politics about people again- that’s how good government happens”. 


—  Michele Meyer, Representative for Maine House District 2


Michele Meyer


ME House District 2

all of Eliot, part of Kittery, part of South Berwick



Michele is serving her first term in the Maine House of Representatives. A Registered Nurse, her experience as a healthcare professional informs her role as a member of the Joint Standing Committee on Health and Human Services.  Her committee’s wide ranging focus has included child welfare, public health, homelessness, comprehensive substance use disorder treatment, adolescent and teen e-cigarette use, lead testing expansion, Death with Dignity, medical marijuana, nursing home and community based care, aging in place, the healthcare workforce shortage,  and addressing the impact of the social determinants of health on the well being of Mainers across the lifespan.

Eliot residents for nearly 30 years, Michele and husband Jay own and operate a small family farm just off of Eliot’s Route 101, a winding road with a two-century history of farming and related businesses.  Organic growers, they raise Nubian dairy goats and are licensed maple syrup producers. Back Fields Farm is proudly under conservation easement and will forever remain farmland and forest.

Michele sits on the board of directors of Eliot’s Baran Place, a 41 unit HUD- funded elderly affordable housing complex. She is concerned with the economic vulnerability of our growing population of seniors, including a lack of affordable housing in District 2, and believes state and local government must focus on the challenges our older neighbors are facing. 


Representative Meyer and her colleagues in the 129th legislature have worked toward fulfilling the promise of affordable and accessible healthcare, reigning in skyrocketing prescription drug costs, lifting up Maine families, providing property tax relief and greater support for our schools. Michele was proud to vote for new laws that keep Maine on pace with our changing world: Increasing our renewable energy goals with the intention of creating jobs and combating climate change. 


Michele is committed to using her office to improve lives and strengthen Maine families. A proud mother and grandmother, she believes we owe our children and theirs every opportunity for happy, healthy, productive lives here in this uniquely beautiful place we call home.  

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