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I am a Maine Clean Election candidate, pledging to take no money from special interests. If you are a registered District 2 voter, please support my campaign with a $5 contribution:

I value your contributions to my campaign! Here are some ways you can help support:



There are several ways to support the campaign! If you wish to volunteer please get in contact with us!

Maine Clean Elections

From the State's website:

The Maine Clean Election Act (MCEA) established a voluntary program of full public financing of political campaigns for candidates running for Governor, State Senator, and State Representative. Maine voters passed the MCEA as a citizen initiative in 1996. Candidates who choose to participate may accept very limited private contributions at the beginning of their campaigns (seed money contributions). To become eligible, candidates must demonstrate community support through collecting a minimum number of checks or money orders of $5 more made payable to the Maine Clean Election Fund (qualifying contributions). After a candidate begins to receive MCEA funds from the State, he or she cannot accept private contributions, and almost all goods and services received must be paid for with MCEA funds.

In 2015, Maine voters passed another citizen initiative to improve and strengthen the Maine Clean Election Act. Certified candidates in contested general elections will be able to continue to collect qualifying contributions in order to receive supplemental payments of public campaign funds.

For an overview of the MCEA program since 2000, click here.

For more detailed information, please read the Maine Clean Election Act statute and Chapter 3 of the Ethics Commission Rules.

To make a qualifying contribution click here. Thank you!

To read more, visit the State of Maine's website here

Learn More MCEA
Help Michele with her 2024 Campaign!
I can help with the following:

Thank you!

Michele will be in touch!

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