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Michele Meyer will help Maine make positive, forward progress

as seen on Seacoast Online

Oct. 9 -- To the Editor:

If you’re feeling frustrated with politics today, there is something you can do about it. You can vote.

This Election Day, Nov. 6, is your time to support the people who will help our state, and our country, make positive, forward progress. Michele Meyer, running for Maine House of Representatives-District 2, is committed to making politics about people again. She has been to my house more than once to talk about important issues and she even sent a hand written note to thank me for putting her sign in my yard. We need real people to represent us, and Michele is up to the task. She’ll start by implementing voter approved Medicaid expansion, work to lower property taxes, encourage using clean energy, fight for equal pay for women, strive to improve our schools, and raise the teacher minimum salary. As the oldest state in the nation, she will look out for our seniors, beginning with releasing the $15 million senior affordable housing bond that was blocked by LePage. Her determination to promote security, opportunity, and wellness for Mainers will serve our community well. Thank you for considering casting your ballot for Michele Meyer.

Make sure you’re ready to vote on Nov. 6th! Register to vote at by printing out the voter registration form and mailing it back by Oct. 16, or you can return it in person. If you haven’t voted in a while, it’s a good idea to check and make sure all of your information is up to date so there are no hiccups on Election Day. Once you’re registered you can go to the polls or request an absentee ballot online at . The deadline to request an absentee ballot is Nov. 1.

For more information on Michele Meyer, visit

Andrea Pye

South Berwick



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