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Opinion/Letter: In Michele Meyer we have a leader who cares for us all

Posted Oct 15, 2020 at 6:01 PM via SeacoastOnline

Oct. 12 -- To the Editor:

I am writing to urge you to re-elect Rep. Michele Meyer to the Maine House, District 2.

Throughout her two year term, I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the manner in which Michele has performed in her role as our representative. She is a constant and steady presence both at the State House and in our communities. I’ve seen Michele in action both in her role as legislator and also as she participates in and supports activities that make our towns unique.

Michele has consistently shown us why she is the best we could hope for as our representative. Every year as a legislator is difficult: 2020 has made an already tough job Herculean. Michele has met every challenge that a challenging political climate and the COVID-19 epidemic has presented. I know several people who have approached her for help and, not only has she has treated all of them with respect, but she has actually helped them find solutions to their issues! Her willingness to listen makes her approachable, her willingness to do the research and hard work makes her effective, and her commitment to truth and integrity for all of her constituents makes her trustworthy.

Even though she represents only a fraction of our town, I have found Michele to be incredibly committed to all of the people of South Berwick. If women’s rights, senior citizens’ rights, education and affordable health care for all are as important to you as they are to me, please join me in voting for Representative Michele Meyer to be our state representative in District 2.

In Michele we have a leader who cares for us all. Her values are Maine values. I encourage you to visit her website to learn more about her.

Thank you and please vote for Rep. Michele Meyer!

Nicole St. Pierre

South Berwick, Maine



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