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To the Editor: Register and vote on June 12

To the Editor:

For years I have been registered as an independent voter. Like many Mainers, I cast my ballot for the candidate I believe in, regardless of party affiliation. Growing up here instilled a strong sense of this independence, and it’s something that I am proud to carry with me.

It has become harder and harder to find inspiring political leaders. Gridlock both at home and in Washington far too often drives wedges between us rather than builds bridges, and we get caught up in the one or two items we disagree on, rather than all those of which we agree.

One thing I would like to see more of from our elected leaders is care. Care for our state, care for our country, care for others. It is time we once again turn towards true public servants, who’s motivation is grounded in a love for their neighbors, and a genuine desire to improve the quality of their lives.

Michele Meyer is one of these leaders. Spend a few minutes speaking with her and you quickly realize that her campaign comes straight from the heart. Not only does she have the experience to strongly represent us in Augusta, after years of advocating for Mainers injured on the job, she understands that the only way to truly represent others, is to start by listening to them.

I am voting for Michele Meyer for Maine District 2 Representative, and changing my status to Democrat at the Town Hall, or the polls on June 12th to do so. Maine makes it easy to change my status back after 90 days if I choose, keeping with our independent spirit.

I encourage each of you to register, and vote on June 12, and to remember that our neighbors are our friends, especially because we don’t always agree.

Matthew Linder, Eliot, Maine

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