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I aim to represent the voices and values of the residents of Maine's House District 2 in Augusta.  In order to get there I need your help!  Want to know how to keep District 2 Blue? 

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When you interact with my pages on Facebook & Instagram the visibility of my campaign increases! 

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Coffee anyone?

If I have not yet met you at your front door, or even if I have and you would like to chat, I would love the opportunity to sit down for a cup of coffee and conversation!  Invite your friends and neighbors to meet with us as well!

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Have some extra time?

I have a wonderful core group of volunteers that drive me door-to-door to meet the residents of District 2, but in the times when they are not available, I would appreciate your time co-piloting! Can you help?

VOTE on November 6th!

Your voice in politics is delivered in the form of your vote.  Your vote matters; please show up at the polls or vote by absentee ballot.  Vote!

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