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I’m supporting Michele Meyer for Maine District 2 Rep

May 14 -- To the Editor:

Last month I had the opportunity to attend a Make Shift Coffee House in Brunswick Maine. If you’re not familiar, a Make Shift Coffee House is a community event where people of all political affiliations come together and discuss a political topic with the goal being to “understand the point of view of the other side”. The Make Shift Coffee House topic of the evening was Guns - why allow them, why limit them.

When I left the meeting, I did find a new understanding for folks who firmly believe that there should be no restrictions on gun ownership. Many had faced life altering experiences which led them to hold their beliefs.

Nonetheless, it is a fact that some of the most vulnerable in our society, specifically children and domestic violence survivors, continue to be victims of gun violence. Just last night in Wales, Maine a woman was shot at in a domestic dispute. We cannot ignore this truth.

Luckily, legislation that would have allowed firearms onto school grounds in Maine, provided they were locked in an occupied vehicle and unloaded, was unanimously rejected in March, but that will likely come back up for a vote - how will your representative vote on this measure?

I will be voting for Michele Meyer for Maine District 2 Representative. Moms Demand Action, a national organization focused on gun safety, has given her the Gun Sense Candidate Distinction. I encourage all of my neighbors to meet Michele and learn how she intends to vote on gun safety legislation.

If you don’t live in District 2, find out who is running in your district and ask how they intend to vote on gun safety legislation.

Mainers: Please vote in the primary on June 12.

Melanie Merz

South Berwick, Maine

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