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Letter: Rep. Michele Meyer’s Eliot Strong page is a force for good in the community

March 22 -- To the Editor:

After the 2018 November election, many Eliot citizens knew we were in good hands when Michele Meyer won the election to represent Maine’s Legislative District 2 (Eliot and parts of South Berwick and Kittery).

Once at work in Augusta, Michele made it clear that we had indeed elected the right woman for the job. A registered nurse, she brought her expertise and articulate voice to the Health and Human Services Committee, where she worked tirelessly promoting public health policy addressing our youth vape/e-cigarette crisis, expanding the healthcare workforce, and modernizing community-based care. Her overall legislative focus included property tax relief, expanding food security, and reducing domestic violence.

But who among her constituents knew her best work as a public servant was yet to come?

On March 15, Michele launched a new Facebook page “Eliot Strong,” a social media site designed to keep Eliot citizens informed, safe, and supported in these challenging Coronavirus times. Within 48 hours more than 300 folks had joined. Currently the site is more than 1,000 members strong!

With the legislature adjourned until called back to Augusta for a special session, Michele’s new full-time job is managing the site and responding to the hundreds of comments and requests from Eliot residents.

Because of her foresight, organization and personal efforts, the many Eliot citizens wisely practicing social distancing are still connected! Neighbors, senior citizens, and families with unique needs are posting requests for goods, services, and information. The group is sharing information and ideas on relevant topics, including the need for personal protection equipment for our front line health care workers – a need being met by a group of Eliot Strong home sewers at work making facemasks for Wentworth-Douglass Hospital.

To date, more than 700 seniors have received calls at home from Eliot Strong community helpers inquiring about their needs and providing a contact name and number for help and support moving forward.

Thanks to Michele’s efforts and the robust response from our citizens, Eliot is showing itself to be a strong and connected community, and will remain just that once we are all on the other side of this most extraordinary time.

Thank you, Michele. Janet Saurman Eliot, Main



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