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We’re inspired by Michele Meyer and she has our vote

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Oct. 14 -- To the Editor:

My husband and I wish to share our strong support for Michele Meyer, candidate for State Representative of Maine’s District #2 -- Eliot, Kittery and South Berwick. My family has a history of public service, with a grandmother and an aunt who spent multiple terms in the NH House of Representatives. Still until the last two years, I had not taken any steps to become active in our precious political process. Meeting Michele changed all of that. She has come forward at a time of crisis with a voice of reason, and a straightforward approach to the problems Maine is facing.

As a nurse she knows that access to proper preventative care is the key to long term health for all. She’s aware of the needs of seniors, and of the value they contribute to their communities. It’s important to have our seniors aging in place to build social capital in our state. As a parent and child advocate, she’s clear on the need to support education for all children in the state. Raising the minimum starting salaries for our teachers and keeping our young people interested in returning to Maine after they finish secondary education are also goals that Michele supports.

Michele has impressed us both with her well-run, organic farm, her background on the front lines of healthcare as a nurse, and her commitment to education for all. Her support of women’s rights is lifelong and not simply timely. Michele is gifted at working with others to solve problems and we feel this is the approach that is needed in government today.

Deidre Randall and David Carr

South Berwick, Maine



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